Yarrie Lake

Yarrie Lake is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts located in North West New South Wales, Australia, between the towns of Narrabri and Wee Waa[1]. The lake is approximately 3km in diameter and was formed thousands of years ago by a meteor strike[2].

Visitors to Yarrie Lake can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including camping, birdwatching, swimming, and boating. There are powered and unpowered sites available for campers with access to non-potable water and shelters at most sites. Boating permits can be obtained through an online form[1]. Yarrie Lake is also home to over 70 bird species, making it an excellent spot for birdwatching[2].

The lake is known for its unusual milky color, which is due to the high concentrations of calcium carbonate in the water[2]. This phenomenon is caused by the evaporation of water in the lake and the subsequent deposition of calcium carbonate on the lakebed[3].

Overall, Yarrie Lake is a unique and beautiful destination for outdoor activities and an excellent spot for birdwatching in Australia.